Coöperatie VGZ

The 2nd largest health insurance provider in The Netherlands with over 4 million clients divided over 8 sub-brands.

VGZ design system

Through the years the VGZ design team has grown significantly. And without a clear style guide to hold on to, everyone just put their own style into the designs. This has resulted in lots of inconsistencies in colours, fonts, shapes etc.

The solution was to create a design system from scratch. I took the lead in stripping all the old style guides from useless clutter, making a new template for defining the use of atoms and molecules, and building a Sketch symbols library. The result is a library filled with components just flexible enough to allow creative freedom but restrictive enough to make sure the designer stays within the defined style.


Other work

NBC Congrescentrum

Large business center in Nieuwegein.


Other stuff.