Emerce is a popular publisher in the Netherlands. From 2013 to 2018 I was the main designer for their websites and branding. This included their news platform, event websites, jobs platform and award websites.

Emerce.nl news platform

With nearly 300K unique visitors, Emerce is one of the most visited platforms for tech and e-business in the Netherlands. Besides the latest news, Emerce also offers longtail content, a job board, whitepapers, knowledgebase and much more. I did the user experience and visual designs from 2013 to 2018 of the whole platform.


Amsterdam eWeek

Once every year in October, Amsterdam becomes the capital of E-business of the world. It's a whole week of inspiring talks and meets. From all over the globe tech-people gather to get the ins and outs directly from the leaders in their fields. I was asked to design the website for this huge event.


Emerce EDAY

Emerce' largest event is a day filled with talks by industry leaders. Every year thousands of people gather here to get inspired by the best of the best. I designed the websites for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions. And I did a logo re-design.


Emerce Events

Emerce was looking for a way to tie all their events together. They wanted to give them a unique style but still be recognisable as an Emerce event. I created a flexible solution that let's them create an unlimited number of event identities.

The idea is based on an equaliser (the ones on old stereo sets) with a coloured grid as a base. Every colour represents a vertical that Emerce covers. Every event covers a set of verticals. So the logo for an event is the base with the corresponding colours growing out of it. The images explain it way better:


Other work


A Dutch liberal political party.


Amsterdam's main public transport company.