Amsterdam's public transport company. They own and manage the bus-, tram- and subway-systems in all of Amsterdam.

Test the new subway line

The city of Amsterdam opened their long awaited North-South subway line in 2018. But before they could, it had to be tested. GVB needed at least 12000 volunteers to help them by riding the subway for hours and go through multiple intense scenarios. I designed the website to recruit the volunteers. The number of people that applied exceeded the amount needed and there was even a long waiting list.


About GVB

The website where you can find all the business information of GVB. From daily news to jobs to information on how to advertise in or on the busses, trams and subway trains. A whole bunch of info needed to be structured in a logical, easy to find way.


Other work

Coƶperatie VGZ

Health insurance provider.

NBC Congrescentrum

Large business center in Nieuwegein.